Week 6 - Eircode

Find your eircode

Find your Eircode - http://finder.eircode.ie

Eircodes are a key way to ensure each household is waste compliant.

When you supply your Eircode to your waste collection service, not only are you helping improve and streamline the waste collection service, but you are also confirming that you deal with your waste in a legally compliant way. While there are other compliant ways of dealing with your waste, such as bringing your waste to an approved facility yourself, home composting or bin sharing, it is important that you still provide your Eircode to us to ensure we know your household is being waste compliant. Never use the services of a non-regulated waste collection service, there’s every chance this person is illegally disposing of your waste, and the responsibility lies with the householder should evidence be discovered at an illegal dumping site which connects the waste with a household. Provide your Eircode to your waste collection service today. Find your Eircode via the link on this page.

Thanks for your cooperation