Freephone Telephone Number

Freephone Telephone Number for voters with visual impairment

European and Local Elections – Polling Day Friday 24thMay 2019

Voters with visual impairment will have the option at the forthcoming European and Local Elections of voting independently by using a Ballot Paper Template, which will enable them to mark their ballot papers without assistance if they wish to do so.

A Ballot Paper Template is a transparent plastic device that is placed on top of a ballot paper and which features raised numbering and corresponding Braille to assist the voter in identifying the openings on the template that correspond to the voter preference boxes for the candidates on the ballot paper which lies beneath.  The Ballot Paper Template works in conjunction with the ‘Freephone” numbers below which provide a listing of the names of each candidate on the relevant Ballot Paper, and the corresponding number of the candidates on the template.  This will enable the voter to mark the ballot paper with their voting preferences (1,2,3 etc ) in the Polling Station without assistance if they so wish.

Visually impaired voters who would like to avail of this facility are encouraged to use the relevant Freephone service prior to polling day to familiarise themselves with the ballot paper and again on Polling Day 24th May 2019. A Ballot Paper Template will be available at all Polling Stations.  Those with mobile phones will also be allowed to access the ‘Freephone’ information on polling day in the polling centre’s if they so wish.

Sligo County Council Local Election

Freephone  1800 754 401


European Elections -  Midlands North West Constituency

Freephone  1800 805 821