Regulations governing installations and activities using organic solvents, including vehicle refinishers and dry cleaners

  • S.I. No.564 of 2012
    European Union (Paints, Varnishes, Vehicle Refinishing Products and Activities) Regulations 2012. 
  • S.I. No. 565 of 2012
    European Union (Installations and Activities Using Organic Solvents) Regulations 2012.


These Regulations have been issued to address the harmful effects of solvents on human health and the environment.  The Regulations provide the means for controlling emissions of solvent vapours from specified activities from small and medium sized enterprises (non IPPC licence holders).

The following categories of activities fall within the scope of the Regulations.

Adhesive Coating

Coating Activity

Coil Coating

Dry Cleaning

Footwear Manufacture

Manufacturing of Coating Preparations, Varnishes, Inks and Adhesives

Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products


Rubber Conversion

Surface Cleaning

Vegetable oil and animal fat extraction and vegetable oil refining activities

Winding Wire Coating

Wood Impregnation

Wood and Plastic Lamination

Paints and Varnishes

Vehicle Refinishing Products


Threshold annual consumption applies for all activities except Dry Cleaning where all commercial activity is covered. For further details on the Regulations, threshold consumption values and definitions of activities please refer to the Regulations available on the EPA website at www.epa.ie/downloads/legislation/air/solvents.

The Regulations require that businesses register with their local authority to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.  Obtaining the Certificate of Compliance involves contracting an Approved Assessor to inspect your operations and submitting a resulting Compliant Approved Assessor Report, along with completed registration application form and fee, to the local authority. View the list of Approved Assessors 

Please contact the Environment Section, Sligo County Council at 071 9111457 to register your business as specified by the Regulations.


T. Kilfeather
Director of Services