Littering at Sligo Beaches

Sligo County Council has received numerous complaints about the level of littering and waste being left behind by people who are visiting our beaches during the ongoing period of good weather.

Therefore we are appealing to everyone who is planning a trip to the beach, or to any other amenity area, to ensure that they bring any waste that they produce during these visits home with them and dispose of it along with their household waste.

Sligo County Council provides litter bins at our beaches, but these are not designed to deal with the large volumes of waste that are being generated.  People need to be more responsible and adhere to the 'Leave No Trace' policy.

Litter Wardens will also be patrolling these areas, and where someone is found to be responsible for littering, fines will be issued.

So in order to avoid spoiling our beautiful County, and ensure everyone can continue to enjoy themselves while the sun is shining, we are asking everyone to be responsible with regard to their own rubbish.