Preparation of Draft Disability Implementation Plan 2018-2021 by Sligo County Council

Invitation of Submissions

The Sligo County Council Disability Consultative Committee was established by Sligo County Council as a sub-committee of the Housing & Corporate Strategic Policy Committee. The Committee membership comprises of elected members and officers of the Council, representatives from the Health Service Executive, the Disability Federation of Ireland, the Public Participation Network (PPN), and groups/organisations representative of the disability sectors. The role of the Committee is to advise Sligo County Council on policies and actions to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities in accessing infrastructure and services provided by the Council, and to promote inclusion, equality and coordination between service providers.

The County Council adopted the “Sligo County Council Disability Implementation Plan 2008 – 2015” in 2008 which set out a programme of actions to address disability access deficits, a copy of this Plan may be downloaded at the link below. The Disability Consultative Committee is undertaking a review of this Plan with a view to making recommendations to the Council on amendments to update the plan as required and to reflect the provisions of the National Disability Inclusion Strategy 2018 – 2021.

As an initial step, prior to the preparation of a draft Plan, the Disability Consultative Committee is seeking submissions from interested parties, which will be considered by the Committee in preparing a draft plan. Following subsequent consideration by the Strategic Policy Committee, the draft Plan will be made available for public consultation prior to its final adoption by Sligo County Council.

A copy of the “Sligo County Council Disability Implementation Plan 2008 – 2015” may be downloaded below.

Disability Implementation Plan 2008-2015 (PDF) - 515 kbs  PDF

Submissions should be sent:  

  • By e-mail to
  • By post: Mr J Moran, Senior Executive Officer, Sligo County Council, County Hall, Sligo

not later than close of business on Friday 6th April 2018.  

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