Dumping at Sea Acts, 1996 to 2010

Application submitted by Sligo County Council for the disposal of dredge material at sea from capital and maintenance dredging during the period July 2017 to July 2025.

Notice is hereby given that Sligo County Council has submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency for a permit under Section 5 of the Dumping at Sea Acts, 1996 to 2010.  This application relates to the disposal of approximately 250,000 cubic metres of dredge material from capital and maintenance dredging of Sligo Harbour Shipping Channel between Oyster Island and Barytes Jetty.  The proposed marine disposal site is a 1km square box located outside Donegal Bay, 34 nautical miles NW of Sligo Port and approximately 30km North of Downpatrick Head.  The most likely means of removal of material is by suction or backhoe dredger and it is intended that the operation will be carried out as a single contract within the time period.  The material to be dredged is primarily silty sand with some gravel. It is also intended that maintenance dredging of up to 5500 cubic metres will be carried out by Water Injection Dredging and relate to the channel near Deep Water Jetty and is likely to be carried out over a period of approximately 5 days on suitable ebbing tides, at least once within the time period.

Any person wishing to make a submission, or submit observations, in respect of the granting of a permit for the proposed project should do so in writing to the Environmental Protection Agency Licensing Program, Office of Climate Licensing and Resource use, Environmental Protection Agency, PO Box 3000, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford within one month of the publication of this notice.

Persons making a submission, or submitting observations, in respect of this project are advised  that the comments will be forwarded to the applicant for comment and will be published on the Agency’s website www.epa.ie

Copies of the completed application form for this project, and all supporting documentation can be inspected at www.epa.ie or obtained from the headquarters of the Agency.

Dated this 28th March, 2017

Gary Salter, Senior Executive Engineer on behalf of Sligo County Council. 


Mr T Kilfeather
Director of Services


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