Zero Tolerance for Illegal Parking in Disabled Parking Bays

Zero Tolerance for Illegal Parking in Disabled Parking Bays

Sligo County Council has confirmed that Traffic Wardens will enforce a zero tolerance policy for anyone parked in disabled parking space without displaying a valid disabled parking permit.

There are severe penalties in place for this offence;  A fixed charge penalty for misusing a disabled parking space is due to increase on the 1st of March 2018 to €150.00 increasing by 50% to €225.00 after 28 days.   The Disabled Parking Spaces are only available for those with a valid disabled parking permit. 

There are approximately 26 disabled parking spaces located in the car parks and on street in Sligo (this does not include private car parks). 

A person with a disabled permit who is unable to access a disabled parking bay can contact 087 7850566 and report any illegal parking preventing them from accessing this disabled bay.  Details of this number are located at each disabled bay in Sligo.

Disabled parking permits are dealt with in the Disabled Drivers Association, Ballindine, Claremorris, Co Mayo.