Council Welcomes New Branding Initiative for Sligo

Council Welcomes New Branding Initiative for Sligo

Sligo County Council, in conjunction with the Sligo Economic Forum, has been working on the development of a new brand identity for Sligo to reflect the strengths, vision, and positive collaborative effort that has been building in Sligo over recent years.

This single call to action for Sligo, with related web portal to be known as, will act as the umbrella brand for all things positive about Sligo and will provide a main central destination for users to find out about the best of what is happening in Sligo.  It will act as a signpost to other key agency websites to streamline and coordinate the Sligo message.  Under the 3 pillars of live/invest/visit the new brand and site will present an opportunity for Sligo to promote a positive image which will entice visitors and investors to the area to enjoy the Sligo landscape, culture, educational and innovative opportunities, with excellent choice and quality of life.

The Cathaoirleach Councillor Tom MacSharry said that the putting in place of this project require multi buy-in across different stakeholders but will collectively enhance Sligo’s Identity and uniqueness to position us for the next 5 to 10 years.

The brand was designed byOn the Dot’ Consultants from Donegal following an extensive consultation process which involve public, private and community interaction.  Agencies were encouraged to explore what success looks like for Sligo, and to imagine what the Sligo Promise can aspire to.

The Brand development is supported by a Marketing & Communications strategy developed by DHR Communications from Dublin, which will ensure its effective implementation and management.

The Vision of Sligo: Live Invest Visit is to support Sligo as a world-class place in which to live, invest and visit.

This vision is in turn backed up by an overarching statement of Sligo: Live Invest Visit, and associated key messages and is supported by baseline facts to underpin each strand so that all can have access to common supported messages in speaking for Sligo.  Over the next 5 years or so, Sligo County Council, Sligo Economic Forum and other partner agencies will promote initiatives by the public, private and community sectors to be associated with the brand and promote the vision of Sligo as it aims to be a world-class place in which to live, invest and visit.

The Chief Executive Mr Ciarán Hayes advised that the Brand is essentially a ‘Q mark’ for actions and activities that promote positive aspects of living, investing and visiting Sligo and that a process will be put in place whereby applications to use the brand will be invited and assessed along relevant criteria which merit the brand endorsement.

Sligo County Council, in conjunction with the Sligo Economic Forum, will formally launch the Brand on 24th October, 2019.