Sligo County Council To Deliver 15 New Social Homes This Year

Sligo County Council To Deliver 15 New Social Homes This Year

Sligo County Council will provide 15 new social housing units by the end of this year. These houses are currently under construction, with a further 66 in the process of getting to build stage in October /November. Developments underway include 14 units at Fr O Flanagan Tce., Sligo and one unit at Culleens Co Sligo.

These new build homes, together with 45 targeted for acquisition, voids and lease by the Council, will add 60 new units to social housing stock in the local authority area by the end of the year. Delivering these homes means that Sligo County Council will once again meet the council’s target under the Rebuilding Ireland plan. 

Sligo County Council is running a week-long information campaign to highlight the ongoing work of the council to provide social housing solutions and to facilitate increased building in the public and private sector.

Mr. Joe Murphy SEO Housing, speaking today at a meeting of Sligo County Council said, “We are getting on top of the housing supply issue. We are adding to the stock we have available for social housing by delivering new units, and by acquiring or leasing existing units. Since 2016, Sligo County Council has built 24 homes, we have acquired a further 69 dwellings and we are leasing 17 for use as public housing. That brings an additional 110 units to the total number of units available to social housing tenants in the county which currently stands at 2,217 units.”

We are determined to get this right; the homes we are building are quality homes and we are developing them with the needs of the occupants and the community in mind.

Sligo County Council wants to assure people living in County Sligo that it is working to solve the housing issue. We want to make people aware of the actions the local authority is taking to do that in the right way, and we also want to alert people to the various ways in which we are working to build new units and bring vacant properties back to life.

Mr. Bartley Gavin, Director of Service, Housing said, “We are building social housing units, we are supporting the housing bodies to build and we are also facilitating and stimulating building in the private sector. We have processed 52 new private homes through the planning system for new build developments in the last year and work with private builders to ensure connectivity to essential services and infrastructure. 

"We have to tackle the housing supply situation, and we have to tackle it in the right way. That means careful planning, working with communities to ensure sustainability, design that will last the test of time and meet the needs of occupants."

Mr. Bartley Gavin, Director of Service, Housing - Sligo County Council