Veterinary Services

Local authority veterinary inspectors are involved in implementing national and EU legislation in the areas of food safety, animal disease and animal welfare.

For further information on the Veterinary Services provided by Sligo County Council please call 071 9111731 / 9111732 / 9111739.

Information on the Control of Dogs

Control of dogs -

Dog Licences

Purchase your Dog Licence Online!

Sligo County Council customers can now purchase dog licences online. You may purchase a yearly licence at a cost of €20.00 or you may purchase a Lifetime licence at a cost of €140.00. A Lifetime licence is a once off payment which will cover your dog for it's entire life (there is no annual renewal, no reminders, just one fee and you are covered). Please click on the link below to buy a licence for your dog and follow the steps as instructed. You may also purchase a one year General Dog Licence at a cost of €400.00 (for 20 dogs or more). This licence may apply to breeders, shelters/rescues or kennels. Please note for dogs normally kept outside of the Sligo County area you must apply to your respective Local Authority or Post Office.

Query in relation to this service?

Telephone 071 9111902

Help Using This Service

What do I need to use to use this service?

You will need a valid Visa/Delta, Mastercard or Laser Card

How to use this service

If you wish to purchase an Individual Dog Licence (for one dog) or a General Dog Licence (for more than 20 dogs) click on the relevant link and enter the details into the boxes provided . Please also provide an email address and a copy of the receipt emailed to you. The total due will be displayed when you click Next. You will then be prompted for your card details in order to process payment.

What kinds of cards can I use?

The following types of credit/debit card can be accepted: -

  • Visa/Delta 
  • Mastercard 
  • Laser

How long will it take to get my Dog Licence?

Dog Licences purchased on line will be sent to you via e-mail.

What about privacy and security?

All financial transactions are processed by Realex, a third party Internet financial service which provides a secure environment to protect your transactions. Your credit/debit card information is not transmitted outside the secure site. For more information you may view Realex Privacy Statement at

Further Information

If you have a query in relation to this service please contact us at